Installation Instructions


The RS-4/L adapter simply plugs into the RS422 port of most any videotape editor. (If the editor is PC-based, then an RS232-to-422 adapter is also required at the PC COM port. The RS-2/4 adapter derives its power from the RS232 port of the videotape machine.) The enclosed cable connects between the RS-4/L and the controlled video device, typically a video cassette recorder (VCR). When installing the RS-4/L, be careful to note which jack to use on your VCR. It should be marked on the VCR chassis as "Control L In" or "LANC In", or may be identified with a stylized "L" within a circle.

The RS-4/L adapter derives its power from the Control-L interface and, therefore, from the videotape machine. An LED on the RS-4/L adapter will turn on brightly as the tape deck is powered up. It will then flash once for every message received from the edit controller. Since this happen quite rapidly, the LED should appear to continuously flicker while the edit controller is active.


There is no special software driver required for the RS-4/L, as it directly translates the de facto industry-standard "Sony Serial" protocol found on RS422.