model RS-4/D
Interface Adapters

The RS-4/D adapters offer a reliable and cost-effective translation between RS-422 and Sony's DSR20 DV/DVCam tape decks. The RS-4/D provides transport control to the DSR20 tape machine and returns timecode back to the RS-422 controller, usually a dedicated edit controller. If needed, one of Addenda's RS232/422 adapters can convert to levels commonly found on PC COM ports.

The RS-4/D adapter interprets standard "Sony Serial" commands from the controller's applications software and translates them into the DSR20 protocol. Such applications software might include Avid's MCXpress, Diaquest DQTimeCoder, Discreet/DVision's Online, Dubner's Scene Stealer, Pipeline Digital's ProVTR & MediaDeck, Media 100 or any of a number of tape logging programs.

Built in a standard 25-to-25-pin gender changer shell, these adapters require no separate power supply (no "wall warts" to contend with!). The complete RS-4/D package retails for $198.



Specifications: 2.1" x 2.4" x 0.6" 1.6cm x 5.5cm x 6.3cm Product comes with a 25pin
  1.25oz 34g male to 9pin female 1' cable.


Price: $198

Installation Instructions