model RS-2/8
Installation Instructions

The RS-2/8 adapter connects between a PC's serial COM port (RS232) and any RS422-cable VTR. When installing the RS-2/8, be careful to note which end goes to which device. The RS232 end connects to the computer via a 6' cable; the RS422 end connects to the VTR via a 10' cable. The adapter's label clearly shows the correct orientation.

When the software has enabled the COM port for deck control, the adapter's built-in diagnostic LEDs should both light up to indicate that power is available to the adapter. If only one LED is illuminated, your applications software is not driving the serial port correctly. If both LEDs are dark, then check 1) cabling plugged in, 2) correct serial port chosen, and 3) software correctly configured for the chosen port. Not only do the LEDs indicate a presence of power, they can help to determine which serial port is which. The rightmost LED will flash whenever data is transmitted or received, helping to confirm which serial port is active.

For any VTR that uses a 25-pin RS232 connector, this adapter will not work. For these machines (ie- Sony UVW1200 and 1400, the Panasonic AJ-D230), Addenda Electronics offers a converter that enables these machines to be used with the "Sony Serial" protocol usually found on 9-pin RS-422 connectors.

The enclosed diskette contains several software packages. Each program is fairly well documented on the diskette. Some of the programs directly support the RS-2/8 adapter while others are of general interest.

WSONY is a simple VTR controller program that runs under MS Windows. WSONY features a finished, professional look and the ability to capture a timecode value into a word processing program.

A couple of videotape logging demo programs are also on the diskette. They all will control a VTR through the serial interface. Other programs also work well with the RS-2/8 adapter, including Dubner International's Scene Stealer, AVID's MediaLog, and many Discreet/DVision programs. Virtually any PC program that sends Sony Serial protocol can be connected to professional VTRs through the RS-2/8 adapter.