model RS-2/4
Installation Instructions

The RS-2/4 adapter simply plugs into the RS232 port of most any PC, including laptop and desktop units. The enclosed cable connects between the RS-2/4 and the controlled video device, typically a video tape recorder (VTR). When installing the RS-2/4, be careful to note which end goes to which device. The "RS232" end connects to the computer; the "RS422" end connects to the VTR through the cable.

A standard 25-to-9-pin adapter may be used to convert a 25-pin PC COM port into the 9-pin format. Additionally, the RS422 side of the adapter may be extended by hundreds of feet should the physical installation require this.

The enclosed diskette contains several software packages. Each program is fairly well documented on the diskette. Some of the programs directly support the RS-2/4 adapter while others are of general interest.

WSONY is a simple VTR controller program that runs under MS Windows. WSONY features a finished, professional look and the ability to capture a timecode value into a word processing program. Being a very simplistic program, it allows for a straight-forward checkout of serial communications.

LOGIT and LOGTHIS are two tape logging programs that have serial control over VTR transport controls plus the ability to read timecode.

OTHER programs also work well with the RS-2/4 adapter, including Dubner International's Scene Stealer, Ebside's Log This, in:sync's Razor, AVID's MediaLog and MCXpress, and many DVision programs. Virtually any PC program that sends Sony Serial protocol can be connected to professional VTRs through the RS-2/4 adapter.